Biking For Bliss - The Results! Donating Profits From Baby Dental Wipes To Charity!

The wheels have finally stopped turning!

…At last,… after an epic 1001 miles (including a detour of 2 miles!) Clare has finished her charity Land’s End to John O’Groats bike ride!


Clare is pictured at Lands end

Clare is pictured here enjoying a well-earned ice-cream at the end of her journey!

Saddle-sore and weary, but elated, after completing a trip of a lifetime, Clare passed the finish line at John O’Groats on Saturday (21st August) and enjoyed a well-earned dinner with her fellow team-mates, who had averaged 71 miles a day cycling stages over the two-week period.

Uphill and down dale, and sometimes fighting a personal battle against the elements, Clare has raised a grand total of £720 (and still counting for Bliss).

Brush-Baby is also donating a percentage of its sales of DentalWipes during the fundraising period towards the cause too. These baby gum wipes are perfect for little ones that haven't started brushing yet, as it helps remove any milky residue in the mouth that causes smelly baby breath!

We also have Brush Baby Teething Wipes available which (accompanied with a baby teether) will help soothe your child's irritated gums whilst their milk teeth are pushing through. These gum wipes for babies contain an anti-inflammatory which eases the teething symptoms for your baby throughout the day

As Clare says “It was the trip of a lifetime with some breath-taking and breath-making scenery. I have raised some much-needed funds, made memories and friends, which will last long after my muscles have recovered! Brilliant! “