Brace Yourself

As providers of information toothbrushes for children and milk teeth toothpaste products we’re always interested when dental-care is featured in the news as it brings it to forefront of people’s minds, in world that is saturated by information.

The recent coverage of cosmetic dentistry is a case in point: Dentists warn of permanent damage from clear braces ordered online - BBC News. Whilst on the one hand we’re pleased that teeth have become a talking point, we’re also wary of the desire and promise of instant gratification.

Whilst Instagram has helped to promote overall health and wellness from top to toe and this has included teeth, it’s important to convey that there is no quick-fix solution.

Dental-care is grounded by sustained, two minutes, twice a day with a kids toothbrush and a good diet to maximise the teeth that are given to us. Granted, intervention is possible and the rise in braces and aligners in recent years has highlighted this.

Braces are often a ‘rite of passage’ for many youngsters, and Brush-Baby know the importance of maintenance of good oral care whilst they are being worn.

Our patented deep clean bristles toothbrushes, offer a 2-in-1 solution - brushing and flossing in one child's toothbrush head. Short bristles for cleaning the surfaces - tops and sides of teeth, and longer interdental bristles to get in between teeth and the nooks and crannies in braces, which can harbour germs, plaque and detritus from everyday living.

They make the best toothbrush for braces!

We welcome teeth being a ‘talking point’, and long may it continue, but the number one emphasis should be health and not hijacked by looks and above all – Keeeeeep brushing!