BRAND INTERVIEW: BRUSHBABY - Infants Toothpaste and Children's Toothbrushes

“Dental decay is the world’s most preventable disease and like most parents, I
wanted to look after my child’s oral health, but I couldn’t find any suitable
products on the market – it seemed most things were focused towards adults,
so it was clear I needed to design my own range.”
Dominique Tillen brushbaby owner and founder
Describing itself as ‘Inspiring, Unique & Fun’, Brush-Baby was developed over 13 years ago by Dominique Tillen, born from her frustration with the limited dental offerings for her baby daughter. We caught up with her to find
out more….

“Our first product was the silicone Chewable Toothbrush, first toothbrush for baby – so called because my daughter used to chew on a conventional toothbrush, so I designed it to harness her dental behaviour. Meeting the developing needs in terms of tooth development, manual dexterity, and differing tastebuds, this initial, unique design has now evolved some 13 years later into the widest children’s dental-care product range on the market with over 30 products in our portfolio…and more on the way!”

What sets Brush-Baby apart from its competitors?
“Ergonomic dentist-designed products catering for children’s specific and differing needs i.e. chunky, easi-grip handles for baby first toothbrush and small round brush-heads for baby mouths, flossing bristles toothbrush inbuilt 2 minute timers and flashing lights. Also, our breadth of range catering for gums of newborn babies, via the tricky stage of teething, baby's first toothbrush, right up to first tooth loss and the development of adult teeth.”
Why should a retailer stock Brush-Baby products?
“We have an incredibly unique range, completely designed to suit the oral need of babies, toddlers and children aged from 0 to 10 years. Not only are our products beautiful to look at but they satisfy the demands and needs to look after children’s oral welfare asap.”
What’s your best-selling infant toothpaste flavour – and why?
Applemint. Yes, there is such a flavour (and plant!) It has to be tasted to believed. Children love it! It’s sweet (that’s the Xylitol in it which neutralises bacteria), has a gel-like consistency, so easy on a baby’s discerning palate, and non-foaming. So the child likes it and the caregiver is reassured of the good that it’s doing! Win-win! (We offer a Teething infant Toothpaste version with soothing camomile too!)”
Sugar is a big no-no for many parents, especially when it comes to children’s dental health – how do you work to reassure them that your infant toothpaste and other products are good for teeth?
“There’s no denying that we all like sweet things! Brush-Baby knows this and so we advocate cleaning and looking after
gums and teeth to ensure that any sugars and harmful bacteria are eradicated, by educating people of the attributes
and benefits of our products via our website, product literature, packaging and social networking products:
  • Xylitol – a natural bacteria-neutralising product which we use in our infant toothpastes and Wipe products.
  • 2 minute timers – inbuilt within our electric childrens toothbrushes (to ensure 2 minutes toothbrushing time is maintained)
  • Flossing Bristles Toothbrush – bi-level bristles great for ‘gappy’, developing teeth and children with braces
  • Nano-silver bristles – helping reduce bacteria load.
How do you help educate or support retailers so they can market the product effectively to parents?
Brush-Baby sees itself as an educator, not just a provider of childrens toothbrush and dental products. Our website offers easily accessible information, handy tips and we endeavour to answer customer queries. Information leaflets, children's toothbrushing charts, stickers are readily available and everybody is invited to join SmileStones – our free information hub which sends tips and advice at the various stages of their child’s dental development.”
How do you market the brand to consumers in the UK?
“Peer-to-peer networking and referral is key amongst the dental, parental and caregiving community, and has been key to our success. You cannot beat personal recommendation! Social networking has proved invaluable during
lockdown for parents seeking and receiving advice and reassurance when other usual resources, venues and information hubs were not available.

But the most valuable marketing is our word-of-mouth promoting between parents. They are the ones who have used or are using our children's dental products. Having them recommend our range to other parents is the best as this cements how good and helpful our kids dental products really are. We’re looking forward to resuming our programme of trade and consumer exhibitions too.

Brush-Baby is lobbying Parliament with its inclusion on the All Party Parliamentary Group on ‘A Fit and Healthy Childhood’, seeking the best healthy start for all children.We’re also active members of the British Society of
Paediatric Dentistry’s DCby1 Campaign, which encourages parents and caregivers to take a child for its first dental check-up by the age of 1.”
What plans or developments are in store for Brush-Baby?
Brush-Baby is always evolving! We’re continuously researching and developing new childrens toothbrush and infant toothpaste products to add to our award-winning range, which encourage good toothbrushing habits for babies, toddlers and kids. There will be new high quality appealing collections launching in the year ahead.
Our current focus, is to provide useful and engaging free tools & packs, not just for parents, but for early years’ workers and teachers, to help them when introducing clean healthy oral hygiene habits to children. Subscribe
We understand and recognise the lack of good resources, and we’re currently working to fill this ‘gap’ and offer the best solution for anyone who has the privilege of looking after young children.”
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