Children Baby Maternity Expo 2021 Showcasing Our Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Children Baby Maternity Expo 2021


It’s a jungle out there!

The only thing missing from our Chinese distributors exhibition stand at CBME held in Shanghai recently, was an explorer wearing a pith helmet!

The jungle-themed stand showcasing the Brush-Baby Wild Ones animal-themed, kids rechargeable electric toothbrush range, certainly stopped people in their tracks, and was the talk of the Exhibition Halls. 

A monkey swinging from a grapevine, a lion strolling across the savannah, and a giant panda hanging from a lighting gantry, all complemented by wooden shelving displays and seating areas, conveyed the fun aspects of the 10 strong WildOnes character child electric toothbrush range.

As Ray Ren (from Brush-Baby's Chinese Distributor) explained: “toothbrushing is a lifetime habit and the Brush-Baby child electric toothbrush range offers something for every child from newborn to 10 years of age. The technical capability and reliability of Brush-Baby products is already highly regarded, so it was great fun to showcase the fun aspect of toothbrushing, encouraging and engaging children, which is crucial during their formative years.”

He concludes “CBME is the largest baby event of its kind, with usual numbers of 100,000 visitors and over 3000 exhibitors limited due to Covid, however it was so good to see familiar faces again and a pleasure to make new acquaintances. Dental-care is vital to a children’s overall wellbeing and we’re delighted that our exhibition stand offered a light-hearted perspective to the event.”

We also sell our battery operated KidzSonic baby sonic toothbrushes which come with an extra baby sonic toothbrush heads!