Christmas Eve Boxes – aaah or aggh?

Christmas Eve boxes – a blessing or a curse? The jury may have a split decision on this conundrum, but there’s no getting away from their increasing popularity in recent years.  Custom-made boxes are on offer via a variety of sources, and we’ve even seen a Pet Christmas Eve box! Whatever next?

On the one hand they can be viewed as way to stave off the over-excitement that children can have the night before the big day. For others, it can be another added pressure and an additional expense for frazzled parents.

We have to be honest, that as a provider of dental-care products for children and advocates of twice daily toothbrushing routines, it’s probably the one night of the year that we are guaranteed a captive audience and the real likelihood of an official 2 minutes toothbrushing time! So we would love ALL Christmas Eve boxes to promote the importance of toothbrushing and clean gums and teeth for Santa’s imminent arrival by including a toothbrush and toothpaste within them.

Our Christmas Eve Box Specials include:

  • 0-3 flossbrush (any colour) and mini applemint toothpaste for £2.50
  • 3-6 flossbrush (any colour) and mini tutti frutti toothpaste for £2.50
  • 6+ flossbrush (any colour) and mini tutti frutti toothpaste for £2.50
Christmas Eve Box Gift Set

However, we’re well aware of the intense pressure on parents, and without with wishing to add to the burden, would suggest that everything doesn’t have to be ‘brand new’ in the Christmas Eve Box

The ‘box’ can be made and customized by a child/children from a cardboard box or other handy receptacle.  A favourite bedtime book can be repurposed with ribbon/string for the Christmas Eve bedtime story, and placed in the box, and pyjamas already in use can be included with the caveat that ‘Santa will know your pjs and be looking out for them’. And obviously the deal-breaker of clean teeth and fresh breath after a solid 2 minutes of toothbrushing time!

To plagiarise the famous RSPCA tagline: ‘teeth are for life, not just for Christmas!’

Happy Toothbrushing Christmas!


p.s. looking for other free ways to keep your kids occupied before ‘the big day’. We’ve got Christmas Activity Packs online on 12th December for our SmileStones Club Members. Not a member? Click here – it’s free to join!