Teeth will be screeeeeeeaming to be cleaned this Halloween with our best toothbrush for kids!

We're a children's dental health care and childrens toothbrush company and we LOVE Halloween! No, we haven't taken leave of our senses. We’ve even created Halloween Children’s Activity Packs for this spooktacular fright fest!

Realistically we should be coming out in a cold sweat at the thought of molars crushing shiny hard boiled sweets, sticky popcorn getting lodged in between the gaps of teeth, and sugar-laden jelly sweets being tugged by impressionable canine teeth of young children…

…But we're not ‘party poopers’ (everything in moderation!), and we believe that after the sugar rush has died down, and spooky Halloween outfits have been cast aside, the celebrations provide a chance to discuss the importance of healthy teeth, and how and why we should look after them. Our small headed bristles toothbrush “FlossBrush” is brilliant at being tough on those horrible cavities whilst still being gentle enough as to not hurt your baby’s milk teeth!

Halloween toothbrushing provides opportunities, not scare tactics (well actually you could use a few well-chosen ones on the older ones!), to put dental oral hygiene in the spotlight.

  • Dracula's bleeding fangs - could be an opening gambit to discuss the importance of flossing and gum health.
  • Plaque - that horrible yellow stuff found at the base of the teeth, which will G-R-O-W even more after all those Halloween sweet treats, if it's not chased away with toothpaste, bristles and floss.
  • Toothpaste flavours – how the taste of toothpaste can make toothbrushing pleasant and how fluoride is the ‘good guy’ ingredient in infant toothpaste and chases all the ‘nasties’ away!

Halloween is a fun time, and toothbrushing can be made enjoyable too. Brush-Baby can help with the best toothbrush for kids and infant toothpastes designed to make the process easy (not torturous).


Brush Baby Childrens toothbrush

This Halloween Brush-Baby would like to treat you (and your little ones) to a 20% discount on our WildOnes range of animal-themed rechargeable kids electric toothbrushes. You’ll need to be quick as the offer closes at the ‘witching hour’ of midnight on October 31st.

Unique to Brush-Baby, they’re not scary to look, or to use – in fact, with their chunky handle, built-in 2 minute timer and flashing lights – they make toothbrushing child’s play! (that‘s how and why we made ‘em!).

Happy Halloween toothbrushing!