Crikey Molar!

As providers of products and information on children’s dental welfare, we love it when we notice that other people appreciate the importance of dental health too.

Just take a look at the haul of replacement toothbrush heads that the police recovered from a recent theft which took place in Southampton.

Whichever way you look at it – theft is wrong – but we were amused by the nature of the stolen products!

Similar to the thieves, Brush-Baby appreciate the importance of replacing a toothbrush-head in a timely manner i.e. when the bristles are splayed or a child has had a cold/virus.

This is the reason we include a spare replacement brush-head with our electric toothbrushes. It also capitalises upon a child’s ‘favourite’ toothbrush, to help them maintain a good toothbrushing routine (no excuses!), it also promotes longevity of the product, which is great for the environment and the family budget.