Happy (And Healthy) Smiles With Brush-Baby Toothbrushes!

Here’s a feelgood story to make you smile. Happy Smiles Club was featured on the BBC News main website today, for the brilliant free children’s dental health work that they’ve been doing in their Norfolk neighbourhood. 

Since 2019, the Club, staffed by volunteers and dental professionals from John G Plummers dentists in Norwich, has been visiting five schools in their local area, offering free check-ups and interactive toothbrushing activities.

Brush-baby have lent their support to the Club with information, toothbrushing charts, stickers and products such as kids toothbrushes and children's toothpaste, to get kids into the toothbrushing habit. ‘Hand-on’ demos and real-life experiences, are key to teaching children how to clean their milk teeth and why it’s important.

This indefatigable group of people is doing just that, ensuring that children some of whom may not have been able to see a dentist, are educated, encouraged and above all, enthused to take responsibility for looking after their milk teeth as soon as possible.

Well done Happy Smiles Club on making a difference. Keep making those smiles healthy!


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