*Happy toothbrushing!" - "Escovaco de dentes feliz!*

The importance of early years' dental-care for little ones transcends all cultures and languages - toothbrushing is a universal activity and Brush-Baby is aiming to get the whole world interested in early years' oral health.

Our Portugese distributor - PLMM, has recently been able to put children's oral health at the forefront of customers minds with its ongoing relationship with Well's Pharmacy. Vibrant, informative POS (Point-of-sale) units featuring a range of oral care options, for babies, toddlers and children including the Brush-Baby product range,are currently on display in prime retail traffic positions in-store - educating and offering a choice of wipes, teethers, toothbrushes and accompanying toothpastes, in order to give children the best dental start in life.

Well's Pharmacy is the largest independent pharmacy business, with over 780 local branches in the UK and over 7000 employees and operates throughout Portugal with a network of 200 stores, primarily based in urban centres. Well's' customers benefit from the expert advice of a head pharmacy technician and a team of professionals who help them select the most appropriate products for their needs.

The Covid pandemic marked a decrease in face-to-face contact with medical professionals, and so the role of the pharmacy within the local community, has seen an increased demand for advice and product recommendations.

Currently Well's stores are highlighting the importance of early years' oral care with strong dental-care messaging in their POS displays, including Brush-Baby's product range. With a birth taking place every 7 minutes (equating to 214 babies every day!) in Portugal - a new generation of customers seeking advice and dental-care products is assured!