Helping children blossom at Blossom Family Dental Care

We LOVE conveying good news, and so we were thrilled to be a small part of Blossom Family Dental Care’s recent Press Open Day.

The unique family practice based in York, opened its brand new doors, on Saturday 12 th August, offering an opportunity to show its new-look practice and family-centric format to the wider community.

As James Harrison, Clinical Director says: “York is family-oriented and as a professional dentist, business-owner and father, I wanted to capitalise upon this and change the way that our services are offered to this market.”

“Unfortunately, the dental surgery can be mistakenly viewed as a scary experience by child and parent alike, and we’ve decided to re-frame the offering, by enhancing a dental visit and seeing it as place of education not just prevention. My vision was not just from a dentist’s perspective, but that of a visiting client i.e. a caregiver wanting a pleasurable dental-care experience for my child.”

“We’ve completely renovated our practice to reflect our family values. The ‘look and feel’, with its soft, muted colours and welcoming, comfortable seating areas, incorporates child-friendly aspects away from ‘the dental chair,’ such as our dedicated Toothbrushing Zone, which with its mirrors, child-height surfaces and sinks, and funky dental-care products from brush-baby, offering an opportunity to educate, inform and practice in a safe environment.”

As a parent, I think that the importance of education and prevention early on, should be emphasised, as it’s key for the child to build a good relationship with dental-care and its associated professionals, by getting into good habits early on. I hope that by incorporating this into our offering and our appointment experience, that our new-style practice can be part of a growing trend within dentistry.”

James Harrison, Clinical Director Blossom Family dental care

Image: James Harrison, Clinical Director - Blossom Family Dental Care


“Routine is key, and even though I’m a dentist, I still have the parental dilemma of toothbrushing battles! Teaming up with like-minded companies such as brush-baby is brilliant, as they understand children, their likes, dislikes and have produced a range of products are exclusively designed and formulated for children’s specific needs which differ from adults.”

James concludes: “The ‘one size fits all approach’ has been the ‘status quo’ for so long in dentistry. Something has to change, there are still a very high number of children being referred to hospital to have decayed teeth removed. Children aren’t mini adults in terms of products, advice and services. I believe and sincerely hope that Blossom Family Dental Care and like-minded companies such as brush-baby can lead the way in education, prevention and treatment.”

Blossom family dental care