International Women’s Day 2022

This year’s theme ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’, is something that we can all identify with. 

Dominique Tillen founded Brush Baby when she realised that the current children's dental care industry couldn’t provide any products that actually worked for her or her young daughter. Her first product was the chewable first baby’s toothbrush, which helps your teething tots brush their teeth - even if they’re chewing! The delicate bristle on the brush also acts as a baby tongue cleaner, getting rid of any milky residue. Since then, Brush Baby has designed and created a baby teethers range, a sensitive milk teeth toothpaste line, and a whole variety of electric toothbrush for kids.

Women have made such fantastic strides in recent years, and it’s a shame that we have to keep ‘banging the drum’, but if it keeps equality on the agenda – so be it. 

However, controversially, as a provider of oral health care products for littles ones aged from birth right up to the age of 10, we know that gender equality can start in the bathroom!  Dads can (and often want to) help more with the welfare of their little ones… and dental-care is one area where they are coming to their fore, using a good baby’s toothbrush and infant toothpaste can help your child get excited about their oral hygiene!

The night-time 4 ‘Bs’ ,Bedtime (tooth)Brushing, Book and Bed, is one routine that Dads love to help with.  One of the positive outcomes of the lockdown periods, was the opportunity for Dads who may not have normally been at home, to help with this routine, taking the time to establish a routine of two minutes toothbrushing on a nightly basis and becoming involved in the oral welfare of their child(ren).   

As an active member of the All Party Parliamentary Group campaigning for ‘A Fit and Healthy Childhood’, Dominique Tillen, MD of Brush-Baby is an advocate of all genders and ages, mums, dads, caregivers,  grandparents and babysitters, ‘getting involved’ in the toothbrushing habit! It’s the best habit of a lifetime!