Just Waiting To Make An Appearance For 113 Million Years! Dinosaur-Themed Kids Electric Toothbrush

Believe it or not there have been a few upsides to the recent hot weather, one of which was the revelation of dinosaur footprints from 113 million years ago! 
Found in the aptly-named Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas, USA, on the edge of an ancient ocean, the unique 3 toed footprints have been made by an Acrocanthosaurus – a cousin of T-Rex – the dinosaur, not the group!
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Measuring over 15 feet tall and weighing 7 tonnes, it’s no wonder that the heavyweight creature made its mark for ever more, in the sediment!
Our Dex Dinosaur-themed toddlers electric toothbrush for young paleontologists, is lightweight, and so won’t make any dents in bathroom basins, and with a 2 minute timer, although your little toothbrusher may complain that it feels like a 113 million years – you know that their toothypegs are getting the correct amount of attention - and if you complete the Brush-Baby toothbrushing experience of using our Mild Spearmint Dinosaur infant toothpaste, they will be fully equipped go fossil-hunting, whatever the weather!