Let them eat cake

Marjorie Dawes of Fat Fighters from the comedy programme ‘Little Britain’, would be clapping her hands in agreement, with the suggestion made yesterday (18.01.23) by the Chair of the UK’s Food Standards Agency, that celebratory cakes, sweets and calorific treats should be banned from the office staff rooms, kitchens and ‘sweet treat’ tables, up and down the country.
(Bringing cake to office as harmful as passive smoking, says chair of Food Standards Agency | Sky News)

January is always a time for reflection and resolution, but this suggestion has also hit workers with a sucker punch above and below expanding waistlines.

Sides have been taken, both in terms of health benefits, and conversely the importance of sharing and celebrating of special occasions, distributing evidence of baking prowess and general office camaraderie.

As Majorie Dawes herself, would say, ‘People L-O-V-E the Cake!’. At Brush-Baby HQ, despite being advocates of all things dental, we’re only human and we love sweet things too.

We like the sharing and celebratory aspect, but are mindful of the sugar content of treats, so bear this in mind when celebrating. One of our fave baking books is Cakes from The Tooth Fairy by Sue Simkins Mrs Simkins Home Page which offers tooth-friendly recipes.

Our position is… ‘everything in moderation’… now if you’ll excuse us, it’s somebody’s birthday and there’s some cakes ‘doing the rounds!’…