Mind the Gap!

Aaah didn’t Princess Charlotte look sweet in the official photograph which was released to celebrate her 8th birthday?

As a company solely dedicated to looking after children’s gums and teeth, we loved seeing her happiness conveyed in her endearing ‘gappy’ smile. At 8 years of age, she is in the middle of the transitionary period from milk teeth to adult teeth.

Teeth are strong, and so there should be no fear in brushing in between them or through ‘gaps’. Actually, it really is a key requirement to get the toothbrush or if possible, floss, in between the teeth as toothbrushing alone, cleans only 65% of the tooth’s surface.

Everybody should floss – including children! In reality, as soon as two teeth touch, you should be flossing! It dislodges trapped debris, food matter and removes plaque build-up.

However, it can sometimes prove to be difficult, and people give up. To help little ones, Brush-Baby have patented bi-level deep clean flossing bristles on their toothbrushes.

The shorter bristles clean the tooth’s surface, and the longer ones reach in between the teeth and any ‘gaps’, finding and cleaning, those difficult to reach areas (they’re great for brace-wearers too!)

Take a look - FlossBrush for 6+ Years | Best Childrens Toothbrush | BrushBaby, we’re sure that you’ll be royally impressed!