We’re on the Mother & Baby Awards shortlist for our Teething Baby Gum Wipes and Kids Electric Toothbrushes!

Brush Baby have been shortlisted for our teething baby gum wipes and kids electric toothbrushes this year! We make the best toothbrush for kids, as well as a variety of other childrens dental hygiene products, such as baby dental and gum wipes. 

For over 60 years, Mother & Baby has maintained its position as THE essential pregnancy and parenting magazine that people turn to.  Times have changed and the weighty magazine, which ALWAYS formed part of a mum-to-be’s work leaving gift, is now keeping abreast with technology with downloadable apps, offers and tips – but trusted information, still remains at the heart of its ethos.

Its annual awards have set high industry standards, and so we’re delighted that two products from our gum and dental-care range have been shortlisted in the 2023 Awards:
Brush Baby Teething Wipes – Best Teething Product
Our baby gum wipes and baby dental wipes help soothe the irritation in the child's mouth when teething.

WildOnes - Rechargeable Kids Electric Toothbrushes
Our fun Wildones Electric brushes are the best toothbrush for kids to keep them entertained whilst brushing their teeth!
Naturally, we would love to win an award (who wouldn’t?!), when the winners are announced on November 22nd, but one of the best things about the awards, is that you receive invaluable feedback from the testers, who have reviewed the products in their own time and home environment. 

Brush-Baby was established by a mother who just knew that other parents were similarly struggling to get their little ones to brush their teeth, so she designed the best toothbrush for kids and made products to solve the problems.

Her own baby is all grown-up now (18 years of age!), and similar to the Mother & Baby, times have indeed moved on. However, the situations, dilemmas and feelings facing new parents, are undoubtedly the same today, as they were 60 years ago! Brush-Baby is happy to be in the here and now to help!