Let’s feel it for National Toothache Day

Yes, even toothache has managed to bag itself a national day! However, as advocates of looking after teeth, we’re actually rather pleased that it has, as it gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of dental-care and using your infant toothbrush, not just on National Toothache Day, but EVERY day (and night) of the year).

Let’s start with the nitty-gritty:

  • Toothache is when the pulp (*) inside a tooth becomes inflamed and infected.
  • Most toothaches are caused by cavities (essentially a hole in the tooth).
  • Causes: poor dental hygiene. Bacteria in the mouth ‘feed’ on the sugars and starches in foods to make an acid that, if left, can rot through teeth, causing tooth decay and
  • Treatment – antibiotics, pain remedies, a filling, or a removal of the milk tooth

We’re not complete killjoys. We like sweets and naughty things too, but as per the line in Pam Ayres’ famous poem ‘I wished I looked after me teeth’, is the mantra that we subscribe to.

Yes, toothbrushing may be considered to be a ‘chore’, but we prefer to re-frame it as a ‘habit’, ‘a lifetime habit’.

You look after your teeth and they will look after you, helping with eating, speaking and the all-important act of smiling.

In the scheme of things, using your kids toothbrush for 4 minutes toothbrushing per day (2 minutes 2 x day) is not much to ask for. Little ones spend as much time watching cartoons, pushing food around the plate and over their faces, and sitting on the pot – all considered to be ‘essentials’.

Yet sometimes, poor ‘ol teeth don’t get a look-in, are bypassed or sidelined for something else which is deemed more important…until the day that toothache comes to pay a visit, and it doesn’t just wait for National Toothache Day to arrive.

Brush-Baby aims to make the toothbrushing habit – Timers, lights, non-foaming infant toothpastes, funky-coloured, easy-to-hold character kids electric  toothbrushes, all designed with children in mind. Smaller teeth and mouths, developing dexterity and sensitive tastebuds have all been considered when inventing this toothbrush for children range. No adults allowed (but they have been known to use our products as well!).

So never mind National Toothache Day being one day, make EVERY day National Toothcare Day!
(*) pulp – the soft part inside the tooth that has blood vessels and nerves