It’s National Brush Day!

 (time to brush Halloween tooth decay gremlins away!) with our baby toothbrush and kids electric toothbrush!)

It can’t be a coincidence that National Brush Day - predominantly recognised in the US but becoming more popular over here... is celebrated the day after Halloween! So get your childrens toothbrush out and start brushing!

We know that there are so many ‘days’ in the calendar now, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by it all and ‘switch off’. However, they can be helpful too, educating and informing on subjects some of us wouldn’t consider on an everyday basis.

As the late, great Ken Dodd would say “‘National Brush Day’ after Halloween- what a great day to be a children's toothbrush!” As dental-care information and product advisers we love ‘em. National Brushing Day provides a great opportunity to discuss why it’s important to look after teeth, especially after the sugarfest of Halloween, witch (sorry), which in itself, provides ‘material’ for toothbrushing discussions:

Should the saying be changed from ‘trick or treat’ to ‘trick’ or teeth?’
The evils of dental decay and how Fluoride in infant toothpaste is a good force against it.

Halloween Howlers:

Q: Why did the vampire need to use mouthwash?
A: Because he had bat breath

Q: What time was the witch’s dental appointment?
A: Tooth Hurty

Q: What did Count Dracula say after he had been to the dentist?
A: Fangs you very much


All great ‘mind’ and ‘mouth openers’ to get that toothbrush in!  Yes, toothbrushing is a chore, but it can be fun! 


Baby toothbrush / Kids sonic toothbrush

This is why Brush-Baby childrens toothbrushes, whether they are manual, rechargeable, or kids electric toothbrushes, have been designed with little ones in mind. Our baby toothbrush has small brush-heads for little mouths. The rounded bristles toothbrush and kids sonic electric toothbrush is kind, but effective on gums and teeth, bi-level flossing bristles (everyone should be flossing - and no we don’t mean the dance!) and integrated 2 minute timers, so there’s no confusion (or avoidance) of how long 2 minutes toothbrushing time really is! 

Keep brushing on National Brush Day and every day for a BOO-ti-ful smile! (sorry no more Halloween references!)