New Year, New Start, New Teeth?

Like the party balloons at the end of the celebrations, we’re probably all feeling a little bit deflated now that the Christmas festivities are drawing to a close.  However, the new year brings hope and anticipation of what lies ahead.  New Year’s resolutions are notoriously known for starting and stopping very quickly, and really, why give anything up – life is too short.

Quitters Day is on Friday January 13th (ooerr!), as this is the day when approximately 43% of people expect to give up their new year’s resolution but this may be due to the fact that 95% of resolutions are fitness related!
Why not do something instead of giving up something!  Toothbrushing – 2 minutes twice a day!  It’s easy, you know what to do, how to do it, when to do it and in the comfort of your own home!  What’s not to like? 

Brush-Baby ‘get’ children. Not just their teeth, but how they hold and use a toothbrush, how their minds work and their (often limited!) attention spans.  This is why sucker bottoms, non-slip handles, small brush-heads combined with flashing lights, brightly-coloured designs and non-foaming, gently-flavoured toothpastes, are featured in the range exclusively for children (no adults allowed – but we do know that some adults do use our products!)
Yes, there’s no doubt that toothbrushing can be considered a chore – but when included as part of a daily routine i.e. ‘bath, brush, book and bedtime’, or taking the time to explain the importance of looking after teeth and why we should all do it, is key.

Reasoning is great when accompanied by reward is great to and ensures that your children won’t be part of the Quitters Day on January 13th. A simple reward chart to record, track and… maybe incentivize, can all help to ring the changes to the routine.  Brush-Baby’s free-to-join SmileStones Club is handy resource for tips, info and activity packs to help children brush from January 1st and beyond.

We appreciate that time is at a premium in all of our busy lives – but resolve that 4 minutes every day will be devoted to dental health. In a whole year of 365 days that’s not much to ask really is it? Realistically, it will be one of the easiest, best and most important resolutions to keep, until next new year!