Noooooo to sharing Toothbrushes

sharing toothbrushes with your partner
We shared Greg James’ mutual disgust about one of the BBC radio producers sharing his toothbrush with his fiancée, in his recent column in The i newspaper.
 Nooooooo … it is isn’t love
 Noooooo … it isn’t sweet
 Noooo…… it’s not hygienic
Oh my goodness! Toothbrushes are a relatively cheap commodity – they don’t have to be ‘all-singing’, ‘all dancing’ top of the range electric ones. You can buy ’basics’ ranges from supermarkets, with enough in the pack for each member of a household to have their own toothbrush (and a few spare!)
Apart from the ‘yuck’ factor – cross-contamination of colds, viruses and germs, can be transmitted from one person to another by using the same toothbrush, and that certainly isn’t ‘love’ in our books. In fact, as an oral health advocate not just to promote our own range of toothbrushes for the importance of everyone’s welfare, we advocate a toothbrush each, our baby products are steriliser safe and we ALWAYS advise on replacing  toothbrushes if the bristles have ‘splayed’ or if somebody has had a cold.
However, in Will’s defence, he’s not alone. We recall a time when we received a questionnaire back from a nanny who was looking after a family of 5 including 3 children and she stated that the family of 5 were using one toothbrush between all of them, and that she had even caught the 18 month old toddler using this solitary ‘family’ toothbrush to clean the bathroom floor! Now if that doesn’t get you reaching for the mouthwash, we don’t know what will!
Crikey! – back in the day, even the cavemen used their own individual sticks to clean their own teeth! C’mon Will, get with the programme – even they didn’t share their twigs!
And with the imminent arrival of a new baby – there is no better time to start new dental habits, setting baby the best (and most hygienic) of examples!