One reason to make ‘no bones about’ brushing teeth!

Read this :

For one minute our Brush-Baby hearts stopped… our head office is based in Hampshire, and we thought that they were talking about our Dex the Dinosaur Electric Toothbrush! 

Never mind, it is still so exciting to see dinosaurs making the news. They are SO popular (well they have been building their fanbase for 125 million years!)  

Rest assured with an integral 2 minute timer our Dex Toothbrush will make light and fun work at toothbrushing time unlike the years it took them to unearth the dinosaur bones – and an interesting point to note that dinosaur’s teeth are being found after so many years too.

Another reason for Dex to help with toothbrushing time!

🦕 Palaeontologists – keeeep digging!  Kids – keeeeep brushing! 🦕