Parenting Awards Recognise The Importance Of Self-Care And Brush-Baby!

Brush-Baby prides itself not just on its kids toothbrush and infant toothpaste products designed to make gum and toothcare easier, but also on the information, tips and parenting hacks that we publish on our website to guide and ‘signpost stages’ of a child’s dental journey.

Therefore, it’s particularly gratifying for us to be recognised and shortlisted recently, by two prestigious awards programmes – Junior Design Awards and Loved by Parents awards, in the health & wellbeing and product innovation categories.

Self-care has grown in importance especially since Covid 19 lockdown, when many of us had to take a greater responsibility for our own health and wellbeing due to necessity, as access to professional advice and treatment was severely curtailed.

Children’s dental-care was particularly affected as 9 million children missed out on dental treatment and parents and caregivers of newborns, felt particularly isolated during the pandemic.

As providers of oral care products and information for little ones, we’re more than happy to help and advise on dental-care matters wherever possible, assuaging any fears about early years gum care and encouraging and championing caregivers keen to establish toothbrushing routines, paying particular attention to those momentous phases such as teething symptoms, first milk teeth and first tooth loss.

Our Guides for Parents are all available in the public domain, and for those caregivers looking for a more personalised information journey, our free-to-join SmileStones Club fills the gaps which will be soon be occupied by milk teeth!