Penguins prove to be the p-p-perfect p-p-pick-me-up!

Aaah, here’s a feelgood story to start off the new year on the right foot (if you’ll pardon the pun!)

Penguins Pringle and Widget certainly earned their fish supper when they recently visited patients at the Tewkesbury Community Hospital, dispensing their unique form of patient therapy, wherever they waddled!

Welcomed with open arms by patients, visitors and staff alike, they proved to be a great morale booster to everybody who encountered them on their visit.
Probably a little bit smellier than the usual gifts of flowers and chocolates, the penguins’ gentle nature was a timely distraction from hospital routine.
We LOVE penguins at Brush-Baby too, which is why Percy Penguin features in our WildOnes rechargeable toothbrush range. One of the 9 animal characters – similar to Pringle and Widget – he is a great helper, encouraging children to p-p-pick him up to look after their dental health.