Royally Dental

Usually known for their ‘avant garde’ style of fashion, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are In the News for another reason this week – their teeth!

In a light-hearted survey conducted by listing their top 10 royals with the best teeth, Princess Beatrice topped the poll with a score of 9.09 out of 10, with her sister Princess Eugenie in second place, above the Duchess of Sussex, Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Cambridge who completed the top 5 positions.
The scores were given based on a facial recognition technique, which studied 6 separate images of the royals to work out how wide a person’s smile was compared to their other facial features.
Scientists used an algorithm to approximate the geometric ratio of a royal smile, and added a teeth whitening rank into the mix.
All very high brow and scientific – but it’s great to see that teeth are making the headlines for a positive reason!  Keep brushing and smiling widely!