Shortlisted for Junior Design Awards 2022

JDA 2022 shortlist
Well, Well, Well…
 … we’re chuffed as our Brush-Baby Gum & Dental-Care Product range has just been shortlisted in the 2022 Junior Design Awards, in the Best Health & Wellbeing Brand, for both the Baby and Child categories.
It’s great that gums and teeth have been recognised as important to a child’s welfare. After all, where we they be without them?  They’re key to helping a child to eat and speak, and what about those gummy grins and toothy smiles, which can always melt the coldest of hearts.
Teeth have never been high on the medical agenda, and so Brush-Baby spends a great deal of time educating parents and caregivers via our website, information-packed leaflets on teething and how to look after a baby’s oral welfare, and our FREE SmileStones Club, so we’re delighted that we’re getting the opportunity for our products to be in the spotlight, being tested, reviewed and judged over the summer months.
Keep brushing and keep your fingers crossed for us!