From Small Baby Steps… To School Footprints - From Baby Teether… To Toothbrushes For Toddlers

Change is such a ‘loaded’ word and can get anybody’s heart racing, so we prefer the softer word ‘transition’ instead, as it feels like a natural progression, which it usually is.

As a parent/caregiver you become acutely aware how fast babies become independent toddlers and the next minute they are proudly wearing their school uniform on the first day of school. How did that happen?
One way to deal with these lifesteps is to celebrate them! Although nursery school graduation ceremonies have been taking place in America for around 50 years, this celebratory idea is still relatively new to the UK, but is definitely growing in popularity! And this month will see thousands of nursery schools up and down the country, holding ceremonies for their little leavers.
Change is challenging.  The aim of a nursery graduation ceremony is to teach children about change as they move on to a new chapter in their life which will hopefully be a positive experience, and so these ceremonies can be a great way of celebrating change.

Brush-Baby’s 3 step gum and dental-care programme offers products and advice for all the lifesteps along the way. Supporting parent and child with the transition from toothless gums, via a baby teether and onto using our chewable babys first toothbrush and our milk teeth toothpaste. Incorporating all those milestone moments, first tooth to first lost tooth and all those dental developments along the way.

Our free-to-join SmileStones Club makes it easy. Just pop in your child’s date of birth and leave the rest to us.  We won’t bombard you with information – just subtle hints and tips from parents like you, who are trying to do the best for their child’s oral health, with some discount vouchers and special offers too for you to redeem on lines such as our infant toothpaste (it all helps!)

‘Big school’ beckons in September and undoubtedly there will be some tears and tantrums during this next stage. That’s life! However, one way to ease children into a new routine is to continue some of the old ones with a ‘twist’. 

We all know that two minutes, two times daily toothbrushing is ideal, but to maintain their interest and instil a good school day routine, why not start the transition and preparations during the school holidays - with a new toothbrush for toddlers or a different brush baby toothpaste flavour? If you’ve got an existing kids electric toothbrush – check the brush-head and see if you need to purchase a brush baby replacement head (‘if it’s splayed, throw it away!’). All these little steps will make the bigger ones seem less overwhelming when the new school year beckons.

Nursery graduation and childrens toothbrush / infant toothpaste transition, it’s a great opportunity to mark the next chapter in their life, and to help we’re offering Free shipping when you use this discount code BBGRAD22.

Get the tissues ready (for you not them!)