Strawberries – Ripe For Picking And For Infants Toothpastes Too!

There are some benefits to the heatwave!  It has seen a glut in strawberry harvests, with some farmers picking as much as 30% more fruit than usual!
At Brush-Baby we pride ourselves on researching, testing and ultimately providing products that our customers want, which includes our flavoursome toothpastes for toddlers.
Did you know that babies have far more tastebuds than adults, and which are, more sensitive too?  Therefore they’re highly receptive to flavours and texture. You can tell this by just watching a baby ‘smack’ its lips after a pleasurable tasting experience, waving their arms and legs in happy unison too! Conversely, unpleasant tastes are met with corresponding disgust accompanied by a shake of a head!  That's why we created the best baby toothpaste!
Our range of specifically formulated baby toothpastes, include a wide selection of flavours to tempt any tastebud into a toothbrushing experience, and our Strawberry infant toothpaste is a particularly pleasing addition to the collection.
In response to customer choice we offer two versions – one including fluoride and a fluoride-free version of toothpaste for toddlers. It’s ‘toodle pip’ to any strawberry pips too, as the smooth texture of the toothpaste gel, is pleasing both on the palate and teeth. Vegan-friendly, paraben-free and sls-free – and safe if swallowed, and not just seasonally available. What’s not to like, strawberry lovers?

Fluoride-free Baby Toothpaste

Fluoride-free baby toothpaste may be a contentious option but in response to customer demand, we’ve produced a version for those who have expressed an interest in toothpastes without fluoride.
Some people are conscious of fluoride in the water, and others are aware that too much fluoride can cause fluorosis (identified by white specks on teeth). Fluoridation of water is often a hot topic of debate, and it will continue to roll on, but we will carry on offering customers a choice of sensitive milk teeth toothpaste.
We just want to ensure that after enjoying their second bowl of strawberries and cream, due to the huge soft fruit yields on offer, that children will remember to brush their teeth with a flavoured infant toothpaste of their choice!