Three BrushBaby Cheers For Women On International Women’s Day

Brush Baby Celebrates International Women's Day 2023 With Baby Toothbrush Awards


We LOVE International Women’s Day! It’s a ‘day’ when we can officially celebrate womenkind and all the fabulous things that they do, have attained, and by doing so… inspire others!

Dominique Tillen, Founder and Managing Director of Brush-Baby was inspired to design and produce a Chewable first baby toothbrush – not just her baby daughter’s needs, but also because she knew that if she was struggling to get her baby daughter to brush her teeth – then the likelihood was that other parents were experiencing difficulties with their childrens toothbrushes too.

She was right! Some 14 years later, her original concept has developed into a range of ergonomically-designed and dentist-endorsed dental-care products for the 0-10 years age group, which had never been considered in its entirety before.

Brush-Baby stocks a variety of different childrens dental products, from baby teethers and toothbrushes for toddlers to the best toothbrush for braces!

Oral care begins from day 1 of life, and Dominique and her Brush-Baby brand has established itself as the ‘go to’ brand for the younger age group.

Not only has this also been recognised by customers making it a brand of choice by using the products, but also by being formally judged and recognised by awards programmes.

Which is why it’s rather apt on International Women’s Day, to learn that we’ve been shortlisted in two categories in the annual Made for Mums Awards:

Award: Special Awards
Category: Parenting Brand
Entry: Brush-Baby gum and dental-care products for 0-10 year olds

Award: Product Award
Category Health & Welling – Health product for babies and children
Entry: Brush Baby toothpaste range for babies, toddlers and children

So, we’ll raise a glass and make a toast to that, and to all women everywhere, who inspire us, not just today, but every day. Cheers!

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