When Needs (And Teeth) Must - Using Your Baby Toothbrush And Brush Baby Dental Wipes Consistently.

As a provider of children’s dental-care and childrens toothbrush products, it was heartening to read that young holidaymakers despite being ‘holed up in cars’ in never-ending queues at the ports of Dover and Folkestone were still taking care of their teeth.
In one of the many reports carried in the weekend media, one bystander commented on the fact that children were brushing their teeth on the hard shoulder. Brownie points to those kids that were still carrying on with their toothbrushing routine! What a great example to set to their peers and adults.
However all joking aside, it’s not easy to keep up routines and lack of access to familiar resources such as a running tap, or in the case of the unfortunate holidaymakers en route to France, even bottled water. However, help is at hand with our handy Brush Baby Dental Wipes. Primarily designed for babies, for cleaning after feeds and to familiarise them with an early years oral care routine, which will prepare them to be introduced to their first baby toothbrush. They have also proved to be a boon for many other people of all ages who already have their teeth!
Hygienically sealed in a handy sachet, the Xylitol-infused baby Dental Wipes which also contains fluoride, neutralises bacteria in the mouth, and offers a quick and easy solution to clean gums, teeth and freshen up.  No need for a source of water, the baby gum wipe can be easily disposed after use, and convenience doesn’t mean unnecessary litter, as the Wipe is biodegradable and compostable. No mess. No fuss.
Great for patients in hospital, older people with reduced manual dexterity, people undergoing chemotherapy, who sometimes experience painful mouth ulcers as a results of their treatment,  and pregnant women who often find their conventional toothpaste nausea-inducing, Brush-Baby Dental Wipes have proved themselves to be great little ‘travelling’ companions, not just in baby changing bags, but purses, overnight bags and pockets.
It's always handy to have a Brushbaby Dental Wipe on standby, but with more queuing at ports and airport terminals predicted again in the near future, may we respectfully confirm that our baby gum wipes are sold in boxes containing 28 Wipes – hopefully enough to cover any delays.