Why The Dental Industry Is Pulling Its Own Teeth Out (And How Can Brush Baby’s Toothbrushes For Children Help)

Teeth and Dentists – we’re probably all guilty of taking them for granted – until there’s a problem. We understand the importance of making sure our children have clean and healthy teeth, so that’s why we’re passionate about producing a wide variety of kids dental care. Items such as the best toothbrushes for braces, toothbrushes for kids and baby dental wipes.

And it seems that there are big problems with supply and demand of NHS dental services throughout the UK. Results of a combined BBC and BDA (British Dental Association) survey has discovered that the industry is at ‘tipping point’.

Identifying and contacting 8533 practising dentists (believed to hold NHS contracts) across the UK, the investigation has discovered that 80% of practices surveyed are not accepting any more children under the age of 16.  A worrying statistic for the future generation, who are already reeling from the consequences of the Covid lockdown, when over 9 million children’s appointments were missed.

Problems date back to NHS contracts in 2006, which are currently being reviewed, in order to redress the problem.

However, realistically speaking there’s no ‘quick fix’. An overall long-term programme, extra funding and a recruitment drive for additional dental professionals across the board is needed – not just to replace the 3000 dentists who have moved away from the NHS since 2020, but to cope with increased demands on their services.

Toothbrushes For Kids

So how can Brush-Baby help?  For the 13 years that we’ve been running as a business, we’ve been offering impartial advice, handy tips, and specifically-designed products (like our chewable baby first toothbrush) for the differing needs of babies, toddlers and children.  Via national organisations to small local mother & baby groups, supporting dental hygienists and nursery school workers, charitable organisations and maternity units – we’ve sustained caregivers and educators with the message that ‘early years gum and dental-care starts as soon as possible’ and in a home environment.

With no national dental care prevention programme in place and lack of opportunities to access medical professionals, it’s even more important that we help ourselves as much as possible and especially little ones who are relying on us to give them the best dental start, by setting the best example, offering guidance and routine.


Brush Baby Kids Toothbrush Rewards Club

This is why we started our SmileStones Club which offers timely advice for each stage of a child’s dental journey.  Friendly and impartial – we’re certainly not judgemental – we’re here and happy to help, and delighted that caregivers want to look after children’s teeth and ‘make a difference’.

If you want to learn more about the survey, you can access the programme Disappearing Dentists here on BBC iplayer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0crcrdg