Buy A Children's Toothbrush 

      Our FlossBrushes are fun and easy to use with DeepClean bristles specially designed for kids developing teeth. Great for kids with mixed baby & adult teeth, gaps, overlapping or crooked teeth, braces and for kids who won't floss.

      Kids Manual Toothbrushes

      As with all of our products, our dentist recommended toothbrushes are the best kids toothbrushes.

      Designed with mums and babies in mind, we make sure our toothbrushes are easy to hold, colourful, and fun for your little ones to make bed time that little bit easier.

      Extra Soft Toothbrush

      We have a large variety of different types of toothbrush for your child to choose from to suit their individual dental needs!

      Our extra soft toothbrush is a great choice for your little one that has more sensitive teeth or gums. The 6,000 super fine bristles feel cotton soft and are sensitive to your babys mouth, which makes our super soft tooth brush an excellent choice for your baby.

      They make particularly good teething toddler toothbrushes, as they are gentle on their sore, irritated gums.

      Floss Brush - A Flossing Bristles Toothbrush!

      Our Floss Brush has DeepClean tapered bristles to reach in between teeth and is the best toothbrush for braces - it really gets in between the gaps of the brace and the teeth.

      This leaves the teeth super duper clean and ensures that all extra food and bacteria is removed properly.

      Not only this, but the floss brush is also great for children with mixed baby and adult teeth, have gaps in teeth, or overlapping or crooked teeth as the brush is brilliant at getting in between their teeth!

      Do you have a child that doesn't like flossing as well as brushing? You can successfully tackle it all with the Baby Brush Floss Brush!