Kids Replacement Brush Heads 

      Top Tip! Replace brush-heads when the bristles are splayed for best cleaning results or if your little one has a cold or illness to prevent reinfection (or every 3 months for hygiene). 

      Kids Replacement Brush Heads

      One of the best benefits of purchasing a childs electric toothbrush is that it’s a one time purchase ... all you have to do is replace the sonic electric toothbrush heads.

      We sell replacement brush head packs for our BabySonic, Go Kidz, KidzSonic, and WildOnes childrens toothbrush ranges in packs of 2 and 4.

      Our WildOnes kids electric toothbrush replacement heads are great for your little one’s who love their ‘tooth-brushing’ animal friend! They can keep the base of the toothbrush for years, only having to change the head.

      When Do I Replace An Electric Toothbrush Brush Head?

      The brush heads should be replaced around every 3 months to ensure the bristles aren’t miss-shapen and are properly cleaning your little one’s teeth and gums.

      Don’t forget, the toothbrush bristles are also a great place for bacteria to hide and grow, so make sure to change the electric toothbrushes replacement heads if your child has been unwell to prevent them getting reinfected by the virus.

      Types Of Childrens Electric Toothbrushes

      We also have a selection of small head electric toothbrushes for babies and toddlers that want a ‘grown up’ toothbrush, but are still small and gentle enough to clean their teeth and gums without being too harsh.

      We generally recommend these for children up to 18 months - making them the best toothbrush for 1 year olds. Perfect for smaller mouths!

      Brush Baby also sells replacement heads for our Flossing electric toothbrushes (BrushBaby FlossBrush).

      Toothbrushes For Braces - Deep Clean Bristles

      These kids toothbrushes have small bristles that brush the surface of the tooth, as well as extra long, super fine bristles, which are excellent for getting in between the gaps of growing teeth, crooked teeth, or teeth with braces.