Baby Toothpaste & Childrens Toothpaste

      Yummy toothpastes to get kids brushing! Our toothpastes are tried and tested by kids so you can be sure they'll be gentle and tasty...mmmm...

      Tasty Toothpastes For Toddlers!

      Brush Baby’s unique flavours of gentle infant toothpaste come in spearmint, tutti frutti, blueberry, strawberry and apple-mint. Kids LOVE the taste of our toothpaste - making it so much easier when it comes to bedtime!

      Our range of childrens dental products contain the best baby toothpastes for kiddies. Whether you’re looking for toothpaste for newborn, toothpaste for baby or toothpaste for toddler, we have something to fit all your needs.

      Should I Use A Fluoride Toothpaste For Children?

      Using toothpaste containing fluoride can have its benefits for children, our toddler toothpaste contains fluoride to strengthen their tooth enamel and make their teeth stronger!

      Toothpaste with fluoride can also prevent cavities, and restrict oral bacteria growth and generally promote childrens oral hygiene. However, our fluoride free toothpaste for babies is safe for little ones under 2 years old that might swallow the product and is gentle enough for the baby’s first tooth.

      Kids Toothbrushes With Toothpaste Bundles

      Not only are our brush baby toothpastes sold individually, but they can also be bought in a toothbrush and toothpaste set, which makes for a great christmas or birthday gift.

      In addition, Brush Baby's infant toothpaste can be purchased in value packs of 3. We also sell kids travel toothpaste, which is smaller in size, meaning you can take it wherever you go - on holiday, or even to a sleepover!

      We have a wide range of the best toothpastes for babies and infants.