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      Children's Travel Toothbrushes 

      Whether it's a staycation, camping, staying over night at friends house or travelling abroad we have range of essential travel products for you.

      Travel Toothbrush For Kids

      Our Go Kidz electric Travel toothbrush won the Silver Award at the prestigious ‘Made for Mums Awards’!

      Made with parents and dentists input, all of our products have been created and manufactured to give you and your child the best brushing experience.

      Our GoKids Travel Toothbrushes are the perfect size for being neatly packed away for an adventure. Whether it's a staycation, camping, staying overnight at friends house or travelling abroad we have a range of essential travel products for you.

      Kids Battery Operated Toothbrushes

      Our kids battery operated toothbrushes for travel come in vibrant colours of teal or sunset pink.

      Each kids battery toothbrush is completely customisable with a variety of 36 different holographic stickers for the children to use to decorate and personalise their brush - it really allows them to express themselves!

      These childrens battery toothbrushes have been designed with travel in mind. That’s why we’ve included a toothbrush case. The toothbrush case cover protects the head of the toothbrush when it’s in your bag or suitcase, but is still small enough to be packed neatly away when you’re on your travels, which also prevents getting toothpaste residue stuck to the inside of your luggage.

      Kids Toothbrush Timer Included

      Our kids electric toothbrushes include a 2 minute kids toothbrush timer.

      Not only so that you’ll know when your little one’s brushed for the correct amount of time, but also to show your child how long it should take to brush their teeth adequately - it makes their bed-time routine that little bit more enjoyable.

      With 2 brush settings (regular and sensitive) you can be sure your kids vibrating toothbrush won’t be too harsh on your child's milk teeth.