Baby Gum Wipes

Are you looking to purchase high-quality dental products designed specially to maintain the oral health of babies and young children? From toothpaste to wipes for gums and other products designed for the mouth, look no further than Brush-Baby. Protecting your child’s teeth and gums can be a never-ending struggle, and shops often stock limited product ranges that aren’t especially helpful. 

The idea behind Brush-Baby was born out of a personal experience that our company founder had with her own little girl. She founded Brush-Baby so that other parents would have an easier time accessing quality dental products for their kids. Whether your child needs a new brushtoothpaste, teething wipes, or something else entirely, you’ll find it among our award-winning range.  

All our products can be quickly and conveniently purchased online and shipped to your front door in no time. To find out more, simply call our friendly team now on 0345 520 2229. 

Hygienic and Disposable Baby Gum Wipes  

The importance of good oral health begins soon after we are born, and our first teeth begin to erupt. This process is known as teething and usually occurs at around six months of age. As the teeth start to emerge, they are especially vulnerable, and so babies should not be fed foodstuffs high in sugar. As for cleaning, at this stage, it won’t be possible to use a brush to preserve the child’s oral health. 

So, how do you go about cleaning your baby’s teeth and gums? Especially considering the mouth area will be rather tender during teething. The answer is with gum wipes. These hygienic, disposable baby gum wipes from Baby-Brush have been designed with the purpose of creating a healthier environment within the mouth that’s perfect for new baby teeth. 

With our baby gum wipes, you’ll be able to keep the inside of your baby’s mouth clean while preventing gum inflammation during teething. Gum wipes are a safe and practical way of caring for your child’s oral health without causing any additional pain or discomfort or damaging the sensitive gums and newly erupted teeth. Until the child is old enough for you to make the switch to toothbrushes, gum wipes will be your best friend for ensuring a happy baby. 

To learn more about our gum wipes, continue reading or give Baby-Brush a call now. 

About Our Baby Gum Wipes  

Our baby gum wipes or teething wipes, as they are referred to on our website, are available to purchase from our website. You can buy a single box, or you can purchase a multipack containing six boxes. Each box contains 20 hygienically wrapped wipes designed especially for protecting the oral health of babies. Each wipe cleanses and soothes delicate teething gums, alleviating discomfort while leaving the mouth clean. 

All our disposable wipes are individually packaged and hygienically sealed to ensure that they remain sterile. Each wipe contains a natural anti-inflammatory that is designed to help soothe teething gums, providing relief for young babies. Of course, these wipes are intended to protect a baby’s mouth too, and so each wipe contains Xylitol, which is good for oral health. 

We know that parents are very careful about what baby products they use; rest assured that all our mouth wipes are fluoride and paraben-free. So, you can derive peace of mind knowing that these wipes will be great for your baby’s health. 

The beauty of our mouth wipes is that they can even be stored in the fridge. Cooling the wipes beforehand is a great way to help reduce inflammation, further soothing painful gums.  

Our teething wipes are designed for babies aged 0-16 months. So, they are perfect for late bloomers who might not begin teething until they are a year or older. 

What are Baby Gum Wipes?  

Baby gum wipes are a handy way to protect your baby’s dental health during the crucial stage of teething while providing much-needed relief. Teething is the stage of a child’s development when the first teeth erupt from the gums. Any parent knows that teething is most often associated with a baby that cries a lot and frequently wakes during the night. That’s because teething causes inflammation which is painful for the child. 

Teething wipes from Baby-Brush are designed to clean both the gums and teeth, preventing decay while soothing and preventing gum inflammation. Each wipe contains Xylitol which is clinically proven to be good for a child’s oral health. It provides excellent protection against decay in the early years while soothing any pain or discomfort. 

Baby gum wipes are soft, disposable, and each one is hygienically sealed to ensure that you don’t end up introducing bacteria into your child’s mouth. Each wipe has been gently formulated and uniquely textured to assist in cleansing delicate gums and first baby teeth. Children of this age won’t be able to brush; in fact, toothbrushes are likely to cause more harm than good. 

Our teething wipes are an excellent way of filling the void until the child is old enough to brush. Our wipes are designed for ages 0-16 months. They are a good way to establish a healthy oral environment, keeping your child’s gums clean while providing them with relief from the pain and discomfort caused by teething. 

Are Baby Gum Wipes Safe?  

Our baby gum wipes are saturated with a Xylitol solution that’s been clinically proven to maintain a healthy oral environment in young children. Xylitol is a five-carbon sugar alcohol that is safe for human consumption, but cavity-causing bacteria cannot easily process it. Through the use of this ingredient, our wipes can help protect your child from developing cavities at a young age. 

Baby gum wipes have been shown to decrease the presence of cavity-causing bacteria, and this has been largely attributed to the inclusion of Xylitol. It’s suggested that you wipe the child’s teeth and gums twice a day with Xylitol wipes to get the full benefit, just the same as you would brush twice daily. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package closely and always consult with your dentist beforehand. 

Furthermore, adult toothpaste contains fluoride, which is great for strengthening enamel and maintaining healthy teeth. However, in young children, while the teeth are still developing, fluoride can be potentially harmful, causing pitting and staining of the teeth. 

For this reason, our wipes contain NO fluoride and NO paraben either. So, in short, our baby gum wipes are 100% safe to use on your babies and are most effective when used on children ages 0-16 months. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Or speak to your dentist if you seek specialist advice. 

Ingredients in Our Baby Gum Wipes  

At Baby-Brush, we want you to feel sure when purchasing any baby products. And so, we take great care to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase. To that end, we’ve listed all the ingredients in our baby gum wipes below and on our website for your peace of mind: 

  • Aqua 
  • Sorbitol 
  • Glycerin 
  • Xylitol 
  • Cellulose Gum 
  • Anthemis Nobilis Flower Water 
  • Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract 
  • Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract 
  • Pulsatilla Koreana Extract 
  • Citrus Paradisis (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract 

This is a full list of ingredients, so you can do your research beforehand, ensuring that you make an informed purchase. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you’re always welcome to get in touch with a member of our team. And you may also wish to consult with your dentist before proceeding. 

When Should I Start Cleaning My Baby's Gums?  

You should ideally begin cleaning your baby’s gums before they begin teething. First, this is good for their overall dental health, and second, it familiarises them with the process of having their teeth cleaned from a very young age. Cleaning becomes essential once the teething process begins and the first teeth begin to emerge. That’s because the teeth are now exposed and are still developing. 

Bacteria build-up during this stage can quickly cause decay to set in, as can sugar found in foodstuffs. While avoiding foods that are high in sugar will certainly help, sugar cannot be avoided entirely. So, wiping the gums and teeth twice daily becomes essential for preserving your child’s dental health. You can also help set a good example by letting them see you brush your own teeth. 

By starting the process as young as possible, when the first tooth comes in, your baby is already acclimated to the process. This will make it far easier to clean your baby’s teeth, especially when they are experiencing pain and discomfort as a result of teething. Bear in mind that every baby teethes differently; most begin around six months, but some start earlier and some much later. 

As you can’t be certain when it’ll begin, keeping the area clear of decay-causing bacteria by wiping the gums daily is a good habit to get into. Consult with your dentist regularly, and as the teeth begin to develop, you can begin to introduce toothpaste and toothbrushes. 

Benefits of Using Our Baby Gum Wipes 

  • Hygienically (Individually) Sealed in Sterile Packaging 
  • Contain Xylitol for Good Oral Health 
  • Fluoride and Paraben-Free 
  • Sachets Can Be Stored in Fridge to Help Ease Inflamed Gums 
  • Suitable for 0-16 Months 
  • Acts as a Natural Anti-Inflammatory 
  • Helps Remove Decay-Causing Bacteria to Prevent Cavities 
  • Familiarises Young Children with Having Their Teeth Cleaned 

How to Use Our Baby Gum Wipes  

Our baby gum wipes aren’t just designed to help maintain excellent oral health; they are intended to make it super-easy to clean your baby’s teeth and gums. To use our baby gum wipes, simply remove the wipe from the hygienically sealed packet, then wrap it around your (clean) index finger. Hold the excess with your thumb. Using your index finger, gently wipe the front and back teeth, inner cheeks, tongue, and gums. Once done, discard the wipe in a bin – do not flush down the toilet. 

While each wipe contains a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes inflamed gums, you can take things one step further. Simply place the wipes in your fridge and take one out around half an hour before use. Do not use wipes straight from the fridge, as this can cause unnecessary discomfort. Simply use the wipe as described above – the coolness of the wipe will help to further reduce inflammation. 

Each of our wipes has a fruity flavour, so it’ll be a pleasant experience for your little one. Using our wipes daily will help you establish an excellent oral health routine, reduce the risk of tooth decay and other oral complications, and provide your child with much-needed relief from the symptoms of teething. All the while, you can be confident that your child is not being exposed to any harmful chemicals. 

Other Baby Teething Products  

At Baby-Brush, we’re committed to supplying products that protect and preserve the oral health of young children, including those that are currently teething. Teething is an unpleasant process that can often be painful and uncomfortable for the child. Our baby gum wipes are an excellent way to keep your little one happy and safe, but they are just the beginning. 

Our range of teething products includes: 

Take our Cool&Calm™ Keys and Rattle Teethers as an example. These are the perfect grab-and-go product for when your child needs relief during the day or night. They are designed to cool and soothe sore teething gums and feature bright colours and different textures to help distract your child. They can be easily attached to a pram or car seat, making them great for when you’re out and about. 

Both the Keys and Rattle Teethers are sterile water-filled teethers, and both can be placed in the fridge prior to use to greatly help with inflamed gums. Both feature a textured biting surface that reaches the back gums, so a teething child can get much relief whenever they need it. The Rattle Teether also sports a ‘Happy Rattle’ handle that provides a further distraction for teething infants. 

Our MolarMunch® Teethers are designed for infants going through the tough stage of molar teething. They sport a unique shape that lets them reach the back teeth and gums. They are flexible and have a textured biting surface that provides even more relief. They are easy to hold or can be made hands-free, come with a built-in rattle, and sport a fun design that’ll distract any teething child. 

As with the Keys and Rattle Teethers, our MolarMunch™ Teethers can be washed using just warm soapy water – we recommend not using sterilising tablets. 

Chewable Toothbrushes  

The problem with using toothpaste and a conventional toothbrush is that some children won’t brush their teeth, and others are prone to chewing the toothbrush. Kid’s toothbrushes that you’d find in most supermarkets aren’t usually designed for this and can snap or chip, potentially cutting the child’s mouth or gums. For such situations, chewable toothbrushes are the best alternative. 

These toothbrushes have been specially designed for children who chew their toothbrushes or who won’t brush at all. They sport a unique curved shape that perfectly fits the gum line. As the child chews on the brush, soft silicone bristles work to clean both the top and bottom teeth. While the brush cleans the teeth, the cool silicone material soothes the gums as it’s chewed. For an added cooling effect, stick the brush in the fridge prior to use. 

For added flavour and protection, try adding some kid’s toothpaste to the toothbrush before use. Once used, our chewable toothbrushes can be placed in the dishwasher or steriliser and are safe up to 180-degrees centigrade. All our chewable toothbrushes are safe for babies and toddlers ages 10-36 months. 

You can purchase a chewable toothbrush from Baby-Brush as a pack of two or single brushes. If your child chews when they brush or won’t brush at all, don’t fret; purchase a chewable toothbrush from Baby-Brush today! 

Teething On-the-Go-Set  

Teething doesn’t occur at set hours – it’s a process that’s ongoing, and so children experience pain and discomfort at all hours of the day and night. If you’re out and about, this can cause a problem, especially if the pain and discomfort are causing your little one to cry endlessly. While gum wipes in the morning and evening can help, how do you comfort your child during the day while you’re out at the shops or down the park? 

That’s where our Teething On-The-Go-Set comes in. Our Teething On-The-Go-Set is the perfect grab-and-go option for any busy parent. This dual option ensures that whenever teething pain becomes too much, you’ll be able to provide your little one with rapid relief. 

Each Teething On-The-Go-Set includes a box of hygienically sealed, sterile, disposable teething wipes and a sterile water-filled teether. As mentioned above, the gum wipes contain Xylitol which helps combat decay-causing bacteria that also contributes to inflamed gums. With the wipes, your child’s oral health will be taken care of even during the day, and they’ll enjoy the soothing sensation of these cool, gentle wipes. 

And for use in between, the Cool&Calm™ teether provides a much-needed distraction with its bright colours, while the cool silicone and textured surface soothe and relax.  

Cool&Calm gums equal happy babies, which, in turn, equals happy parents! Make sure your little ones aren’t left struggling with the pain and discomfort of teething – order your Teething On-The-Go-Set today. 

Guides for Parents  

As any parent would, you no doubt have questions, and you’ll find the answers you seek on the Brush-Baby website. Our ‘Help & Advice’ and ‘Parent Hacks’ sections contain a variety of guides intended to help parents with young. In our ‘Parent Hacks’ section, you can find out just what exactly Xylitol is and why it’s used in toothpaste and our gum wipes. You can also find out about the importance of flossing for children, toothpaste for babies, world oral health day, signs of teething along with tips and techniques, and more. 

In our ‘Help & Advice’ section, we cover topics such as pregnancy and your teeth, baby gum care, teething toddlers, and kid’s tooth care. 

As this article has focused on gum wipes and teething, let’s discuss these a little further. Teething is a tricky time for both parents and babies. But maintaining oral health is very important as it protects the developing teeth while helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with teething. Teething can be made worse when food and bacteria get trapped under tiny gum flaps, and this can make for a very bad teething experience. 

Introducing a dental health routine at a young age is important, getting children used to using toothbrushes and toothpaste and getting them into a routine that’s conducive for good oral health. Children can be tricky customers though, especially if they chew the brush or won’t brush at all. Start out with the wipes, then progress them onto a toothbrush or chewable toothbrush as their teeth come through. Don’t forget to instil healthy habits that’ll form the foundation of good oral hygiene later in life. 

For more information about teething and gum care, click on our ‘Help & Advice’ section and read through the full sections. Call us if you have any questions or consult with your dentist if you need further advice. 

Why Choose Brush-Baby for Baby Gum Wipes?  

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you just how difficult a child can be when they’re teething. It’s not intentional, and they certainly have a good reason for being upset, as teething is a painful experience. But with the right products, that pain and discomfort can be greatly mitigated. 

And so the journey of Baby-Brush began. Baby-Brush was the brainchild of founder Dominique who was inspired by her own experiences while raising her little girl. Her daughter chewed her toothbrush, and Dominique struggled to find products in the supermarket that were suited to the task. Toothbrushing became a never-ending battle. 

The idea behind Baby-Brush was to develop dental products unlike anything found in supermarkets or high-street stores. We have products for babies and toddlers, from gum wipes for teething infants to chewable toothbrushes and other toys designed to aid in oral care. Dominque is all too aware of the importance of good oral care as well as instilling a healthy dental routine into a child at a young age. 

Our entire range of products has been designed to take into account tooth development, habits, and brushing skills. Each product has been developed for children going through teething, getting their first set until eventually losing their baby teeth to be replaced by adult teeth. We’re committed to making available to the market products that support parents, making it easier to give their children the best start for their oral health, so they can retain their beautiful smiles as they grow. 

Contact Us   

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From baby gum wipes to teething wipes, brushes, and other oral products, you’ll find precisely what you need in our award-winning range. If you have any questions and would like to get in touch with the Baby-Brush team, call us today on 0345 520 2229. If you would prefer to get in touch using a written method, you can do so either by filling out our online contact form or emailing 

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