Our Vision

We all agree that our babies, toddlers and children deserve the best and this includes keeping their teeth clean and gums healthy to give them the best start in life.

However, because their teeth are still developing how we care for them is different to how we might care for our own.

Sadly, the dental-care needs of babies, toddlers and young children are not well catered for, particularly in the UK, where 40% of under-fives suffer from ‘tooth decay’ – this means their teeth are rotting – which is entirely preventable.

Brush-Baby began as one mother’s journey to introduce good oral hygiene habits to her child. She found that there was little available to help mothers; nothing to clean baby mouths, teethers and toothbrushes that were too large or too hard and that many teething toddlers chewed just the toothbrush. Few mums had heard of Xylitol and many were weren’t sure how much fluoride should be in baby or children’s toothpastes.

So, Brush-Baby has designed a range of products especially for babies, toddlers and young children that takes into account their tooth development, habits and brushing skills.

We want to help provide the best start for early years tooth care and make tooth decay a thing of the past so that children can go on to have the beautiful smiles that they deserve and we all enjoy.

Brush-Baby products and our 3-Step dental-care approach is a sure-fire way to introduce good oral hygiene habits to children from a young age and help them to look after their teeth well for life. We’d like you to share our vision and help improve the dental health of children for good!

- The Brush-Baby Team