Step 0 Pregnancy



Such an exciting time, and encompassing so many physical changes.

Did you know that your baby’s teeth are forming in the womb at 6 weeks and becoming permanent at 3 – 4 months of your pregnancy? So it’s important to start thinking about a baby’s oral welfare now … and not just at the teething stage!.

Personal Dental Health

Look after your own dental health, maintaining your twice daily flossing and brushing regime, and using an anti-bacterial mouthwash, especially if you’re suffering from excessive vomiting. (Visit for advice on severe morning sickness. 

Dental Treatment

Your NHS dental treatment in the UK is free while you are pregnant, and for the first year after your baby is born. Show your dentist your MATB1 certificate (from your GP or Midwife) or NHS Prescription Maternity Exemption Certificate. To find an NHS dentist in your area check, or ring NHS England Customer Contact Centre – 0300 311 2233.