Happy Baby, Happy Gums: The Benefits of Baby Teether Toys

Welcome to the world of baby teething! We know the arrival of a little one is a time filled with endless love and excitement. Amidst this joy, there's one tiny challenge every parent faces – teething. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Let's explore how baby teether toys can make a world of difference for your baby's teething gums and overall happiness.

What is Teething?

Teething is a natural process where your baby's teeth start emerging through their little gums. It's an important milestone in your baby's development. However, it can often come with discomfort and irritability (as their teething gums are sore), which can also lead to more sleepless nights for both baby and you.

Why Baby Teether Toys are so Essential

Teething toys play a crucial role in soothing your baby's teething gums during this challenging phase. Teether toys are designed to be chewed on, providing relief and comfort. They can help turn a grumpy baby into a happy one!

Selecting the Best Baby Teether

Choosing the right infant teether can make all the difference. Look for features like non-toxic materials, easy-to-grip designs, and varied textures. Popular choices include silicone teething toys, Which are BPA free and include additional features such as enhancing motor skills and promoting healthy development.

Benefits of Baby Teether Toys

  • Relieves Discomfort: Baby Teethers are specifically designed to massage and soothe teething gums. The gentle pressure helps relieve your little one’s pain and provides a distraction from the discomfort. Look out for teethers with bristles where you can apply teething gel, or teethers you can put in the fridge or freezer for added relief.
  • Promotes Healthy Oral Development: Chewing on teething toys can help stimulate the muscles in the mouth, which helps to promote healthy oral development. It also encourages saliva production, which is essential for keeping the mouth clean and reducing the risk of infections. Our Bobbie Bunny teether also has a textured tail which helps develop tongue control.
  • Enhances Motor Skills: Grasping and chewing on teething toys help improve your baby's fine motor skills. It enhances hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and strengthens the jaw muscles. Bobbie Bunny has a unique ‘Twist & Bounce’ feature which helps enhance your babies motor skills and provides hours of entertainment.

How to Use Baby Teether Toys

  • Clean Regularly: Clean the baby teether before and after each use to maintain hygiene. Most infant teethers can be washed with mild soap and water, while others are dishwasher safe.
  • Supervise Your Baby: Always supervise your baby while they are using a baby teether to ensure their safety. Check for any signs of wear and tear, and replace the teething toy if necessary.
  • Rotate Teething ToysOffer a variety of baby teethers to keep your little one interested. It’s a good idea to rotate between different types and textures to provide a diverse sensory experience.
  • Baby Teething Gel – A Helpful Companion: Baby teething gel can often be used with baby teethers. Teething gels have a soothing effect and can bring immediate relief for your little one’s teething gums. Consult your GP before using any teething gel to make sure it's safe for your baby.

Teething Toys Are The Answer

Teething doesn't have to be a daunting experience for you and your baby. With the right baby teether toys, you can make this phase more comfortable and enjoyable. Remember, a happy baby means happy teething gums and a happier you!

Explore our range of baby teether toys and discover how brush-baby can help provide soothing relief to your baby's teething woes. Join our community of happy parents and give your baby the best start to oral health.