Little Katrina Loved Her First Dental Visit

katrina visits the dentist child toothcare


We think it's so important to make sure you get your baby’s milk teeth checked out as soon as it ‘pops’ through. Not only to make sure that everythings okay, but also to get your little one used to making regular visits to the dentist!

As soon as possible, using a baby dental wipe will show your baby their oral hygiene routine, so when that first tooth does come through, it won't be a surprise when you start using a toothbrush for babies! It’s important to use a toothpaste for babies alongside your children’s toothpaste as it will contain a weaker level of fluoride that’s safer. Shop our range of baby toothbrushes today!

It’s been a few weeks since Katrina, aged 14 months, paid a visit to her dentist for her very first check-up. Her mum, Angela, was concerned over her daughter’s tooth after it had chipped whilst falling in the bath. After reading online about the importance of dental care in toddlers, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to get her little one’s teeth checked by a dentist.

Angela first phoned her dental practice to book Katrina’s appointment, only to be told that they weren’t taking on any more NHS patients and she would have to go elsewhere. Angela then spoke to her parents who recommended their dental practice and Katrina was able to get an appointment the following day.

During Katrina’s first dental check-up, she was open to letting the dentist open her mouth and inspect. In fact, she seemed quite happy. Katrina had been using a baby toothbrush from the age of 6 months, so she was used to the feeling of her gums being touched. To help Katrina feel even more relaxed, the dentist gave her and Angela a dental mask so that she can get used to seeing people wearing one, making her next dental appointment less daunting.

After examining Katrina’s teeth and gums, the dentist advised that Katrina would need a small filling to recover the tooth that chipped during the bath incident.

Overall, both Katrina and Angela were satisfied with their dental visit and left feeling at ease. The dentist gave Katrina a reward sticker, and of course her very own dental mask. We can’t complain – it’s better than a lollipop!

At Brush-Baby, we’re continually on a mission to provide more information about the importance of dental check-ups for babies, toddlers and children.

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