Superdrug and Brush-Baby help parents fight against children’s dental decay

brush-baby stocked in superdrug

In a move to help turn the tide of children’s tooth decay in the UK, has listed the complete Brush-Baby oral hygiene range for babies, toothbrushes for toddlers and children's toothpaste, with selected lines also in-store.

A recent winner of the Dental Industry Awards ‘Brand of the Year’ category, the Brush-Baby range can uniquely be used from birth to age 6+, helping parents provide oral care from toothless gums, through the teething symptoms and stage and on to a full set of teeth. The range includes baby dental wipes for baby oral hygiene, Chewable first baby Toothbrushes for teething toddlers, manual and electric sonic kids toothbrushes, with a unique flossing bristle design to help clean between teeth, and child-tested and approved flavoured infant toothpastes with Xylitol to reduce sugar acids.

As Dominique Tillen, Managing Director of Brush-Baby explains: “Tooth decay is preventable, but because young children’s teeth are developing and they haven’t developed the skills to care for them properly, we need products that are more appropriate for this very young age group. We are delighted that Superdrug has shared our vision, and in doing so, provided parents with more choice.”