Children's Toothbrush Made Fun For Your Little One At Brush Baby

toothbrushing-diary toothbrush made fun for kids

Looking for a fun way to encourage your child to use their kids toothbrush, brush their teeth and adopt a healthy dental routine?

At Brush-Baby we’re always keen to make brushing time as fun as possible. That is why we offer a FREE 4-week toothbrushing chart with every order. You can order yours by contacting us and get a little help from Mikey and his friends to encourage your little one to brush their teeth twice a day.

It’s essential you start a childs oral hygiene journey as soon as possible, and what better place to start than with our Brush Baby gum wipes. Simply swipe the baby dental wipes around the mouth for a clean (and gummy) smile! Before you know it, you’ll be introducing a toothbrush for kids - without any hassle!!

Complete your chart and your little one can win a prize!

Simply tick off the circles on the chart each time your child brushes their teeth. When their chart is completed, simply email a photo of them with their completed chart to and we will enter them in our monthly prize draw for the chance to win Crayola colouring products. Good luck!

Quick tip

To encourage regular brushing and turn your child into a Toothbrushing Champ, why not try using our fun Brush-Baby reward stickers, featuring Bobbie Bunny, Mikey Beaver and Ziggy Monster? Call us for your brushing reward stickers!