Top 10 Engaging Books To Support Your Child’s Toothbrushing Development

Celebrating World Book Day (4 March 2021) is a timeless tradition for children up and down the country. Every character from Dr Seuss’s Cat in the Hat to Peppa Pig have all made an appearance in nurseries and schools alike. But what does this have to do with children brushing their teeth?

Storytelling is at the heart of our children’s lives. From the classic nursery rhyme to their bedtime story, the tales we read them shape their understanding of the world.

What better way to prepare your little one than to read them books that support their future toothbrushing development? Getting your child into a good bedtime routine will help them understand when they need to brush their teeth and go to sleep, although this is often easier said than done.

Our WildOnes kids electric toothbrush collection is designed to help encourage this routine and comes in a variety of different animal characters as well as flashing lights and a two minute timer - making it the best toddler toothbrush!

Reading a book to your child before bed is something that will encourage them to brush their teeth and get into bed without too much fuss. Want to get involved?

Here’s a rundown of our top 10 books to get you started:


Peppa Pig Dentist Trip
  1. Peppa Pig: Dentist Trip

Using their first baby toothbrush and getting your little one to the dentist ahead of their first tooth is an essential rite of passage. Fortunately to make your life easier, Peppa Pig, George and Mr Dinosaur have all been on a little dentist adventure of their own!

As George overcomes his nerves in the dentist’s chair, he comes to realise that having your teeth checked is not that bad.

Perfect for little ones that need extra encouragement, Peppa Pig: Dentist Trip is an excellent way to show how going to the dentist can be fun!


Hey Dugge The Toothbrush Badge
  1. Hey Duggee: The Toothbrushing Badge

What do most parents love? Besides the obvious, it’s routine!

Enter Duggee and his band of squirrels. Not only do the gang meet a lion with VERY smelly breath, but Duggee and the squirrels teach him a special song all about brushing your teeth for the magic recommended two minutes. Your child can get involved by showing the lion how to brush his teeth properly using their own childrens toothbrush!

Perfect for reading to your little one morning and night, Hey Duggee: The Tooth Brushing Badge ticks all of our oral hygiene boxes!

ABC Dentist
  1. ABC Dentist

When your little one gets a bit older, they will start asking you all sorts of questions that you just simply don’t know how to answer! My child, the aspiring 4-year-old palaeontologist is all about the dinosaurs. Try and get toothbrushing into that conversation!

ABC Dentist tackles a wide range of topics that your child is desperate to know about the dentist’s surgery! From cavities, to the yellow film on teeth, this book explores it all. Bursting with fun activities and bright, friendly illustrations, ABC Dentist is an excellent book for the young inquisitive mind. If you’re worried about cavities inhabiting those hard to reach places, why not try our FlossBrush bristles toothbrush!


My Trip to the dentist activity & sticker book
  1. My Trip to the Dentist Activity & Sticker Book

My Trip to the Dentist Activity & Sticker Book is an interactive, activity book that shows how going to the dentist is a fun and exciting experience.


At its centre, the book is all about how to keep your teeth healthy! From playfully answering questions like how many teeth do you have, to do you know why you need to go to the dentist? - the colourful pages bring your child’s dental journey to life. Along the way, your young one can earn stickers for taking part and a certificate for jumping into the ‘hot seat’ itself!


Brush, Brush, Brush!
  1. Brush, Brush, Brush!

Perfect for interacting with your little one during play and storytime, Brush, Brush, Brush! is a delightful story that teaches your toddler how to brush their teeth.

With its engaging photographs and illustrations, this story will encourage a love of reading for your child, as well as teach them fundamental skills.


We're going to the dentist
  1. We’re Going to the Dentist

Bursting with imaginative storytelling, interactive flaps and mechanisms, We’re Going to the Dentist is specially designed to help your little one engage with everyday experiences.

As you and your tot follow the story of Nancy and Teddy’s dental check-up, there are also some helpful tips for parents and carers along the way.


Go to the Dentist (First Experiences with Biff, Chip & Kipper)
  1. Going to the Dentist (First Experiences with Biff, Chip & Kipper)

What better way to support your child’s brushing development than turn to one of the classics! Biff, Chip & Kipper are a staple to most children’s learning experience from nursery and beyond. Going to the Dentist is no different. The story sensitively introduces your little one to what to expect and who they might meet at their visit to the dentist.

Packed with facts and humour, your child can feel confident before stepping foot in the dentist’s office!

Sesame Street Ready, Set, Brush pop up book
  1. Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Brush!

Elmo, Zoe and friends show that even monsters need to brush their teeth to keep them healthy and strong! Ready, Set, Brush! takes your little one on an interactive, wheel turning, pop-up adventure to show them how important good oral hygiene is.

From applying children's toothpaste, to visiting the dentist, Ready, Set, Brush! shows how learning to brush your teeth is essential, but more importantly, fun!


Pony brushes his teeth
  1. Pony Brushes His Teeth

Your child’s mightiest hero is you. Pony Brushes His Teeth is a fine example of how children love to learn from their parents - their greatest role models.

With humorous illustrations and catchy rhymes, this book follows Pony as he chooses his toothbrush to rinse his mouth - all by watching his Dad. Perfect for your growing toothbrusher!

Brush your teeth Max and Millie
  1. Brush Your Teeth Max and Millie

Suitable for very young children, Brush Your Teeth Max and Millie teaches the good habits of brushing your teeth well. As the story follows Max and Millie’s toothbrushing journey, your little one can learn from their shining example.

Stories inspire young minds.

Which of our top 10 will be your little one’s next favourite book?